Try Nose Hair Waxing

You have selected just the right lipstick, your hair is perfectly done, and you have found an exquisite pair of earrings. Everything looks great when you notice something amiss: a hair hanging from your nostril. You discreetly try to pack it back inside, only to find it hanging loose again a moment later. What can you do?

First, do not panic. This happens to millions of men and women, so you are definitely not alone. But, to prevent this sort of embarrassment from ever happening again, try a nose hair waxing.

A nose hair waxing requires the application of wax to a small stick inserted just inside the opening of your nostril. The hairs collect on the wax-covered stick and then, in one swift motion, are pulled free. Just as with waxing any other portion of your face or body, the hairs grow back thinner and more slowly than before. With regular treatments, the problem of dangling nose hairs becomes a thing of the past.


No more than waxing other intimate areas of your body. With nose hair waxing, you will notice a tendency toward tearing up of the eyes, and many clients experience an urge to sneeze. These are both normal, common, and not long-lasting. After your first few sessions, the discomfort will greatly subside, and you may hardly notice it when the offending hairs are removed. You may also notice a little bit of a runny nose during your first few sessions, which is also mild and will also subside as your body becomes accustomed to the procedure.


Absolutely. While nose hairs serve the important function of filtering out dirt and pollutants, the numbers of hairs that we remove are relatively few. We only want to get the hairs that are near the opening of your nose that may protrude out and become noticeable. If you later look up your nose with a mirror, you will probably not notice a great deal of change inside your nose, because that is not the point. We only want to get the hairs that are poking out beyond their cozy little home.


No, of course not. Men tend to have larger nostrils and more of a propensity to hairy nostrils. As a result, they often benefit even more from nose hair waxing than women. After all, any woman who has sat across the table from a guy and watched his nose hair dance about while he talks knows just how distracting such things can be (and such a turn-off!). It may also be possible to define a line between facial hair and nose hair, so you can prevent that unattractive blending of nose hairs and mustache.

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